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Coffee Winchester MA: Drip vs. Espresso

We all have that friend who is passionate about coffee. Maybe they even call themselves a “coffee snob.” Maybe you’re that person in your friend group. There’s nothing wrong with that. Good coffee is very important. Many of us rely on it to get us through the day. But if you’re the kind of person who won’t drink just anything when it comes to coffee, you’re probably always on the lookout for great coffee. Well, if you happen to be hunting for great coffee in Winchester, MA, come to Swanton Street Diner!


There are many ways to make coffee, but the two most common are drip and espresso. Let’s compare them.


The Brewing Process

The first, and one of the most prominent, differences between espresso and drip coffee is the brewing process. In fact, we call them by names that refer to how we brew them. To make espresso, you force hot water through finely-ground beans under high pressure. Brewing espresso is a very quick process; it only takes about 30 seconds to make a single shot. To make drip coffee, on the other hand, you pour hot water over the coffee grounds. The hot water extracts the flavor from the coffee over the course of several minutes.


Flavor and Strength

The brewing processes also affect the flavor and strength of the coffee. Espresso has an intense and concentrated flavor. It is strong and bold and is more bitter than drip coffee. Drip coffee has a milder flavor that is smoother and more balanced, with a subtle acidity. How we adjust the strengths of espresso and drip coffee is different, too. You can make drip coffee stronger by increasing the coffee-to-water ratio. With espresso, the strength is determined by the roast of the beans, as well as the pressure and duration of the brewing process.


Serving Size

Finally, we have the serving size. We all love a giant mug of coffee, but you wouldn’t want to drink that much expresso. There’s a reason we make it in shots! You can drink espresso as a shot to get a quick burst of caffeine or dilute it with water or milk. There are many ways to use espresso in specialty drinks and most coffee aficionados have their personal favorites.


coffee winchester ma

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