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Make the Perfect Burger This Father’s Day

Father’s Day: it’s synonymous with sitting outside and having a cold beer while grilling some burgers. And it’s also this Sunday! If Father’s Day caught you off guard, don’t worry! Swanton Street Diner has you covered. Instead of frantically searching for “food near me,” looking for somewhere to take your dad, come have one of our delicious burgers. But what is it that makes a great burger? What does it take to make that perfect combination of patty, toppings, and bun?

Whether you’re grilling it yourself or ordering some “food near me,” here’s what it takes to make a great burger.


Start with the beef.

The basis of any good burger is the beef. And the quality of the beef isn’t the only thing that matters. The meat to fat ratio is also key to both the texture and flavor. Chefs usually opt for ground beef that has 20-25% fat. But you don’t want to go much higher than that. If there is too much fat, the burger patty will shrink a lot as it cooks. On the other hand, if there is not enough fat, you will have a burger than is bland and dry.


Use the best toppings.

You always want to complement a quality burger patty with only the best toppings. Whether it’s veggies or cheese or condiments, the wrong toppings can ruin a good burger. To add that perfect crunch to a juicy burger, you want fresh, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Cheese that is perfectly melted adds more flavor and a little salt, plus it helps hold the patty together. American cheese melts easily, which is why even some high-end chefs put it in their burgers. And don’t forget to add just the right amount of ketchup, barbecue, or secret sauce.


Top it off with the bun.

The thing that (literally) holds a great burger together is a great bun. You want it to be perfectly toasted and not too thick, with just the right amount of give to squish down and bite into. The bun also completes the presentation of your burger, making it something you can’t resist.

Celebrate Dad with Food Near Me!

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Dad than by grabbing a burger. Come over to Swanton Street Diner and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.


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