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The Best Meals to Enjoy on Pinot Noir Day

Wine connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike both know that Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile wines out there. It pairs well with nearly everything, so it’s easy to find a meal to enjoy when you pour yourself a glass on National Pinot Noir Day. Every August 18th, we celebrate this burgundy wine, and what better place to do so than Winchester restaurants like Swanton Street Diner? With our wide selection of entrees, you’ll easily find a meal to pair with a Pinot Noir.

Here are some of our favorite meals from our menu to pair with a glass of Pinot Noir.


Salmon or Swordfish

While you’d want to pair a white fish, like scrod, with a white wine, Pinot Noir pairs beautifully with fatty fish. They go so well together because of the fat in the fish and the tannins in the wine. When combined, fat and tannins bond and bring out the best in each other. Fat carries flavor, which the tannins help release. In turn, the fat also mellows the tannins, bringing out the flavors in the wine.


Chicken Breast

Again, chicken is something that you would expect to pair with white wine, but roasted chicken and Pinot Noir are another match made in culinary heaven. Heavy, bold red wines will overpower the flavor of chicken, but a fruitier Pinot Noir will complement chicken and they will bring out the best in each other.


Lamb Chops

Pinot Noir is known for its acidity and fruity notes, which is why it works so well with lamb. Lamb has a rich earthy flavor that hits a contrast to the brighter notes of Pinot Noir. Many people say they don’t like the flavor of lamb, but they might change their minds when they try it with a nice Pinot Noir. The wine lightens the lamb on your palate, creating quite a pleasant experience. If lamb still isn’t your thing, Pinot Noir is very nice with pork, too.


Celebrate Pinot Noir Day with Winchester Restaurants

If you’re in search of Winchester restaurants with great food and a relaxed atmosphere, you need to visit Swanton Street Diner! We combine the laid-back feel of a diner with absolutely delicious food when you want the best of both worlds on a night out.


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