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Winchester Restaurants: Are You Taking Your Lunch Seriously?

If you’re Googling a list of Winchester Restaurants for a quick lunch break, look no further than Swanton Street Diner! We always take our lunch seriously here at Swanton, and we think you should too! While many workers are returning to their physical job locations, we now realize just how important a lunch break is! So what are you waiting for? Stop in for a delicious lunch reset with our diner. We get it if you’re not into lunch–we have breakfast and dinner options too! But what is so special about lunch, anyway? We’re here to let you know why you should take that lunch break seriously!

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The History of the Lunch Break

The “lunch break” has certainly evolved over the years! Here’s a look at the evolution of the “lunch break” in America:

  1. In the mid-1800s, the job site changes from farming and working in small towns to large factory settings, thanks to the Industrial Revolution. Because of this, “family time” is spent around the dinner table instead, and workers take lunch at work.
  2. By the 1960s, the quick lunch break has changed. Instead of bringing food to work, companies provide pushcarts filled with lunch bites and coin-operated vending machines for that quick “on-the-go” bite.
  3. By the 90s and 2000s, workers begin traveling further and faster for work. This allows workers to leave for lunch.

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The Future of Lunch

Did You Know? A recent study suggests that many workers in the U.S. suffer from something they’ve termed “FOLO” or the “Fear of Lunching Out”. Instead, most workers opt to eat at the desk or skip lunch altogether. However, many companies are starting to take the lunch break more seriously, and we think you should too! Taking a lunch break away from the desk or workspace is a healthy way to boost productivity and a positive workspace, even if it’s a 30-minute break. 

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Lunch at Swanton Street – Winchester Restaurants

Take that lunch break and visit us at Swanton Street! Our menu has a fresh take on original diner meals with daily specials. Don’t have time to sit down? Order delivery or pickup! Whether choosing from our extensive online menu or sitting down for lunch, our friendly staff at Swanton Street looks forward to serving you!

Ready to take your lunch break? Visit us today at 72 Swanton St in Winchester, MA!